iPod iBoom iTravels With You

Well, It seems iPod goes with every thing every where!!! Because iPod can be get now with iBoom Travel, a Radio Alarm Clock. And I belief it can be very useful. What can it do?:
iPod iBoom iTravels With You
iboomtravel.jpg iboomtravel_white.jpg
iPod iBoom iTravels With You
-Play some of your favorite tunes on the iPod, untill you fall asleep, or you are just at home, on the road, in the office, or in your own backyard.
Not only that, but iBoom Travel also works on AA batteries or included AC adaptor, and also works like a charger for your iPod, so when you wake up on you favorite music, the iPod is fully charged. What elese?…Let’s see:
Compatible with all dockable iPods;
Convenient, protective travel pouch for supreme portability;
Soothing blue backlight that can be turned off or on;
It’s yours for $89.99


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