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USB Gadget Pole Dancer

This USB Gadget, the Pole Dancer, an useless gadget all around, is nevertheless an entertaining one. Who wouldn’t want to have his personal pole dancer on his desk, ready to dance up and down anytime.
usb pole dancer
This gadget is power directly by the USB port on your computer, it has disco lighting and motorized action. She can dance to her own music, or you can plug in your own audio player and she’ll dance to the rythm of your own songs. Did I mention that she’s not expensive either ? The cost of this Cables Unlimited USB gadget is only only $25 and if you like it, you can get one from Amazon.
No extra batteries or software is needed in order to see the dancer do her thing.


iDiamond year for spoiled brats

idiamond-ear_48.jpgiDiamond year for spoiled brats

Jeweller Thomas Heyerdahl in Oslo / Norway is launching ”iDiamond ear” for commercial sale.

Earlier this year, Heyerdahl created the world’s most expensive iPod, named ”iDiamond”. This was crafted as one unique and single piece of jewellery, not for commercial sale, and will be auctioned away for charitable cause in London 13th of March 2008.

Following the overwhelming response to iDiamond from media, customers and the industry, Heyerdahl decided to go ahead with his idea for the world’s most exclusive earphones for commercial sale. This new creation is named ”iDiamond ear”.

“iDiamond ear” uniquely and most innovatively combines traditional handcraft with modern technology into a high end exclusive piece of jewellery with comprehensive high-tech earphone functionality.

Each carefully crafted pair is set with 204 diamonds, adding up to a total of 1,65 carats. “iDiamond ear” will be produced in a limited edition series of 1000 numbered pairs for exclusivity.

“iDiamond ear” will be available at leading jewellery stores worldwide from February 2008.

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Smart Cookie Fortune Ball, a stranger magic ball

smart.jpgSmart Cookie Fortune Ball, a stranger magic ball

If you have a big decision to make, or are just curious about what the future holds, it’s always good to be able to turn to a totally surreal gadget for the answers.

The Smart Cookie Fortune Ball may not be able to give you all the answers, but it will at least give you a bit of a giggle, with answers like “Future sticky like rice” and “You don’t wanton know.”

Smart Cookie combines the ancient wisdom of the Orient with a splash of a wiseass attitude. Some of its answers…

  • Future sticky like rice
  • You don’t wonton know
  • Answer sweet and sour
  • Don’t mock the cookie
  • Try the eggroll
  • Cookie busy – try later
  • In other words, it’s completely useless, but at least it’s only $9.99, if you’re looking for a last minute stocking filler for someone.

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    Eccentric Keyport for only $295

    keyport.jpgEccentric Keyport for only $295Source

    You are invited to be one of the first on ein the world to hold a limited edition key port slide. Have $295 hanging around? Need a key fob to hold all your keys in a little box? Ummm… what else. There are no molds for this product. It is machined from aircraft grade aluminium to the thousandths of an inch to ensure precision. Moreover it is hand finished and hand assembled in USA. Don’t know what this means, but maybe it prevents that it’s not gonna be cheap( not made in China)

    Did we say it costs $295 and it’s shipping out to the folks who pre-ordered a few months ago. Ohh, the price also includes the conversion for 6 metal keys. What a bargain…Super, right?

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    No more secrets to your Dentist

    dental_unit.jpgNo more secrets to your Dentist

    This is fairly high up on the weird scale, but since October is wellness month at CG… Meet the Oral Hygiene Monitor.Everyone knows that feeling of vulnerability when you’re lying on your back, mouth open, with a bright lamp shining overheard. Yes, the visit to the dentist is almost like going to a lie detector.If the dentist asks you “have you been flossing” in that dark tone all Dentist possess you know deep down inside, thta the man can see right through you and you cannot lie. The Oral Hygiene Monitor makes it that much easier for your Dentist to know what you’ve been doing with your mouth.

    A small unit containing a scanning plate can be mounted anywhere in your home. Each day you are to bite down on the plate and place it back on the unit. Information about your mouth is then transmitted to your Dentist. The personalize database will help you and your Dentist decide what’s best for your teeth and mouth.That way, the next time you sidle into his office, he’ll know what he needs to do to fix your teeth.Weirdo, right?


    Dough-Nu-Matic, the donut maker

    doughnumatic.jpgDough-Nu-Matic, the donut maker

    I know, i know, what a genius name for such a device. However, aside from the hyphened “let’s be happy cuz we can make oghnuts” name, the Dough-Nu-Matic can have you shoving a delicious miniature donut into your mouth in less than 60 seconds. You’ll have a whole pile of them in under six minutes — a dozen, to be exact. “Just add dough and the Dough-Nu-Matic does the rest.” I guess it can be useful for some party when you would need an impressive quantity of donuts. Or who knows, you might start your own business- future empire of donuts.

    I don’t know much about how donut dough is made or if you can just buy a big fat sack of donut dough at Sam’s Club, so any extra effort on that front might be a deterrent. Its enclosed oil fryer keeps cleanup to a minimum and it has dials adjust for cooking temperature. The dimensions would be :14″ H x 22 4/5″ W x 6 9/10″ D. Still, if you have $130 to spare and easy access to dough, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

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    Ferrari Segway- red and expensive, and that’s about it

    segway.jpgFerrari Segway- red and expensive, and that’s about it

    Believe it or not there it is, the Ferrari-branded Segway. It’s not any faster than the regular PT i2 and certainly won’t help to convince the authorities to repeal any sidewalk-safety laws. The Segway PT i2 Ferrari Limited Edition comes just in time to celebrate Kimi Raikkonen’s F1 championship. However, despite being painted in red, having a “Genuine Leather” handlebar and sporting the Cavallino Rampante shield, it doesn’t run any faster than a regular Segway. And also it won’t help you pick up blond skinny girls named Helga or Ingrid.

    Ferrari begins to get on my nerves. I have nothing to say about the cars, but really people have you started to put your little horsie on every shitty thing that appears on the market?or

    How much will you pay for this Segway scooter? Well to get the luxury of those handlebars wrapped in leather you’ll dispose of $12,000 aka €8,429. Outrageous! No comment!


    2008 Gold Calendar for $259,560


    2008 Gold Calendar for $259,560Source

    So, attention rich guys with no brains. This is an article about how you can spend some money on something absolutely worthless.

    The Japanese have “invented” a 2008 calendar that’s made out of pure gold. It was originally slated to have a price tag of approximately $173,732 after conversion, but due to recent gold prices that has soared, the opportunistic Tokyo jeweler hope to get out of you approximately $259,560. The entire golden calendar measures 67cm x 42cm and weighs approximately 6kg. No worries about not being able to make use of it after the next year is over since you can always melt the whole calendar down and fashion it as jewelry instead. Behind the calendar includes printed images from the picture scroll of the “Tale of Genji”. The calendar will be produced in a quantity that is proportionate to demand.

    How ostentatious can you get, with an object that’s so obviously disposable? If you really have the money to spend on such an useless piece of “shting” I’d advise to think twice and maybe use the money for our fellow humans in need. I guarantee the satisfaction will be greater than seeing your friends’ jealous look.

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    Orbit Remote for the ladies who want to controll everything

    Orbit Remote for the ladies who want to control everythingSource

    If you always lose the possession of the remote control when sitting in front of the TV, then the Orbit Remote should come as a great gift for you because you’ll have to misplace your arm to manage to lose the remote.The Orbit Remote from Chloe Fung comes in the form of a bracelet that you can wear it on your wrist. It has most of the basic functions of a TV remote control, that ensures you to be in the possession of the TV in front of you, so you can always get to watch your favorite channels. The buttons are placed around the edge so you can rotate it to find what you want to do.So for the ladies who have to endure watching a football game because their husbands have monopolized the control, it’s payback time. You can easily play a prank to your man, just like in high school with the TV remote wristwatch.

    Interesting design, yes, but ultimately pretty useless when compared with a real remote.However if you would be interested in purchasing it, too bad it’s still concept.

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    Ambient Devices’ new 7-Days weather forecast

    10-1-07-forecaster.jpgAmbient Devices’ new 7-Days weather forecastSource

    Last month Ambient Devices released MarketMaven , a palm-sized wireless gizmo that showed stock movements (albeit time-delayed by 15 minutes). Now they are bringing some other useless gadget.They’re flaunting their new 7-Day Forecaster, which adds two extra days-worth of weather prediction to the existing 5-Day model.

    Like all of the company’s devices, the 7-Day Forecaster uses the Ambient Infocast Network – a radio system that has coverage across the US – to funnel current conditions and extended multi-day forecast to the 6 x 6-inch display. The backlight of the Forecaster changes from blue (indicating cold weather) to red (suggesting a swimsuit); you can also see UV index, wind speed/direction, pollen and air quality alerts.

    This may be a useful gadget for all those that log on to the web daily to check the weather forecast and a dedicated wireless box such as this one is likely to make some people happy.The 7-Day Forecaster will be available Q4 2007, with a MRSP of $199.99. And for the 5-days one will have to pay $149.99.

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