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USB Gadget Pole Dancer

This USB Gadget, the Pole Dancer, an useless gadget all around, is nevertheless an entertaining one. Who wouldn’t want to have his personal pole dancer on his desk, ready to dance up and down anytime.
usb pole dancer
This gadget is power directly by the USB port on your computer, it has disco lighting and motorized action. She can dance to her own music, or you can plug in your own audio player and she’ll dance to the rythm of your own songs. Did I mention that she’s not expensive either ? The cost of this Cables Unlimited USB gadget is only only $25 and if you like it, you can get one from Amazon.
No extra batteries or software is needed in order to see the dancer do her thing.

Mini Electric Cigar Avoid Smoking Ban

The MiNi Electronic Cigarette gadget, represents the latest trend in Europe, especially in the UK. By using them you can avoid smoking bans, as it only simulates the process of smoking. It is a lot healthier than smoking normal cigarettes and also helps those wanting to give up smoking.


It even feels like you are inhaling smokeit lets you enjoy those tactile sensations without the health risks associated with tobacco. But it has no carbon monoxide, no tar and no cancer-causing chemicals. You don’t need any matches or lighter for smoking it as nothing actually burns. Not to mention that passive smoking doesn’t exist.

The small white stick, which looks just like a proper cigarette, contains a chamber that vapourises pure liquid nicotine into a puff of steam. Nicotine is its only ingredient, unlike tobacco alternatives which contain over 4,000 chemicals and tar. The electric cigarette is battery powered (UK charger included), has a glowing red tip and even tastes like the real thing. The MiNi cigarette cannot cause lung cancer as it only contains nicotine.

Mustek announces digital photo frame and alarm clock and….

pf-e700_head_on_view.jpgMustek announces digital photo frame and alarm clock and….

Do you hate your alarm clock? I sure know I do. I’m still not sold on digital photo frames and I think it’s safe to say most you aren’t either. I only know one person who owns one.

But what would you say to a digital photo frame that’s also an alarm clock? What if it had a calendar, indoor temperature gauge and MP3 player? I sure as heck would want one of those. Well, Mustek has a 7-inch model, PF-E700, that does all that and supports SD/SDHC/MMC/MS-Pro Duo/CF memory cards. It also plays AVI files and supports M-JPEG formats. Oh, and the alarm clock does have a snooze button. Just be sure you don’t include a photo of someone or something you hate because you might get a fit of rage when you wake up and throw the $149 doohickey against the wall. You’ve been warned. Pick one up in April if you’re so inclined.

* 7″ widescreen 16:9 TFT LCD
* Supports images files up to 12 Megapixels
(JPEG format)
* Photo slide show
* Supports USB thumb drives
* MMC/SD/MS/MS Pro/CF Type 1 card slot
* Compatible file formats :
MPEG-1(*.mpg),MPEG-4(*.avi), JPEG and MP3

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DLO’s iPhone-shielded Portable Speakers

iphone-dlo-portable-speakers.jpgDLO’s iPhone-shielded Portable Speakers

For all the iLovers here is a new gadget for your fabulous piece of gadget. It is intended to make your life easier..I mean to ease your way to your favourite tracks stored on your “fabulous device” again, the iPhone. At least, now all the pinky gadgets for the iPods will disappear …and the pinky gadgets for the iPhone will be born.

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters has introduced its Portable Speakers for iPhone. The compact speaker system is shielded from TDMA interference, and connects to the iPhone via the handset’s headphone jack, making it compatible with a wide range of alternate audio sources, including every model of iPod. Other features include two compact speakers which snap into the base for greater portability, a rotating, removable stand, and the ability to act as a speaker phone when a connected iPhone receives a call.

The speakers are powered by either AAA batteries or by the included AC adapter, and the speaker base features a recessed area for cord storage and management. The DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone are available now and sell for $50.

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iWave Cube- your portable microwave

iwavecube-silver.jpgiWave Cube- your portable microwave

Here comes the time in every young person’s life where they decide to graduate from the microwave to the stove. And fail miserably. Now instead of retreating dejectedly back to the kitchen microwave, where the rest of the appliances can point and make fun, you can hide your shame with the iWave Cube.

It is pretty convenient — a personal, portable microwave! Forget all those trips to the kitchen or treks to the cafeteria — now you can reheat coffee right at your desk; or nuke some soup for your brown-bag lunch; or pop some `corn in the entertainment room.

The innovative iwavecube personal microwave has all the electronic controls and safety features you expect, but it takes up less than a cubic foot of space. Plug it in anyplace that’s handy — work or home office; home gym; family room; nursery; wet bar; dorm room; work bench; pool house.everywhere! The quiet, super-energy-efficient iwavecube measures just 10″ x 10.5″ x 12″ and weighs only 12 lbs. Features a built-in carry handle and view-through door. T

he little microwave measures one cubic foot (about the size of a Kleenex box), and weighs just 12 pounds. Unfortunately, you’ll still need to plug it in, so there’s a limit to how far you can run. The iWave Cube comes in black, red or silver, and retails for $130.

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HTC Origami Shift

scaledhtc_shift-w-origami-1_jpg.jpgHTC Origami Shift

The HTC Shift integrates Microsoft’s new Origami Experience 2.0, finger-friendly Web browsing, push email and wireless broadband to deliver the go anywhere mobile computer.

The HTC Shift is the first device to feature HTC’s innovative new SnapVUE™ technology. SnapVUE provides instant access to emails, calendar, SMS messages and contacts, without the need to fully boot up the device helping conserve power and extend battery life. Weighing just 800g and equipped with a 7″ touch sensitive ’slide-n-tilt’ screen, the HTC Shift is similar in size to a couple of DVD cases and comes with the Windows Vista Business edition and a 40-gigabyte hard drive. Packed with advanced connectivity, the HTC Shift features high-speed global connectivity through with Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA and, Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE as well as Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi. Also a multimedia powerhouse, the HTC Shift utilizes Windows Media Player 11 to provide easy access to music, videos and photos.

The Full product spec is as follows:

Product name HTC Advantageâ„¢ (X7510)
Size 133.5 x 98 x 16 mm (additional 4.75mm for keyboard)
Weight 290g + 85g for keyboard
Networks WCDMA/HSDPA: 850/1900/2100 MHz
GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Operating system Future Version of Windows Mobile®
Display 5-inch VGA with touch screen
Camera 3.1 megapixel with auto focus
VGA for video calling
Internal memory 256 MB + 16 GB flash; 128 MB RAM
Memory card miniSDâ„¢
WLAN 802.11b/g
Bluetooth® 2.0
Interface HTC ExtUSBâ„¢ (mini-USB and audio jack in one; USB 2.0
High-Speed); HTC 16 pin port (USB 1.1 host, TV/VGA out); 3.5mm audio jack with microphone
Battery 2100 mAh
Talk time WCDMA: up to 300 minutes*
GSM: up to 360 minutes*
Standby time WCDMA: up to 300 hours*
GSM: up to 300 hours*
Special feature Detachable QWERTY Keyboard with Haptic feedback; document printing; G sensor
Chipset Marvell PXA270 624 MHz; Qualcomm® MSM6275

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New Crumpler bags for photo lovers

corkforkweb.jpgNew Crumpler bags for photo lovers

Meet the Crumpler bags. They are often better known for their fun “dig-in” looks, silly names and playfully obtuse catalogue descriptions; than they are for their pure functionality to photographers. While that doesn’t change a lot with their latest offerings from PMA 2008, they’re still fun bags (hee-hee) nonetheless and that’s important too, ya know?

On the one hand, there’s The Rufous Whistler ($90), a “Limited Edition” bag designed for bird and nature photographers. We don’t know if “designed” is the right word, though. This bag seems more “drawn” for bird lovers, with a bright red and yellow color scheme, and cute pictures of birds throughout including a stitched red “birder” with a pair of binocs on the side. Looks like, at most, you could fit a digital SLR and lens into this cute little bag. Maybe some small binoculars as well.

Then there’s The Period Charmer ($550), which is two photo bags in one. First it’s a photo trolley bag, complete with wheels and a collapsible handle, making it a great piece of luggage for dragging through airports and stowing away as a carry-on item. Inside The Period Charmer is the Cork & Fork removable insert, which can be pulled from the trolley bag and used as a photo backpack. The Cork & Fork — yes, we know this is all kind of confusing — has padded shoulder straps, an adjustable waist, and a soft tricot-lined adjustable “snake” wall to cradle your cameras and lenses.

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Jawbone- the best Bluetooth headset out there

imgp5006.JPGJawbone- the best Bluetooth headset out there

The Jawbone is a great Bluetooth headset. It was rated as the best in its kind. Ever. This is what you can find out on their website. It passed the toughest test such a device can have : the streets of NYC.

Let’s start with the “Noise Shield”. Having this option on/off is like night and day. For those on the other end it was a pleasant experience so long as it was turned on. Any noise other than the voice was eliminated immediately. And I’m not talking about birds chirping or anything pleasant. We’re talking about cars roaring by honking their horns and all sorts of other loud and obnoxious sounds that reverberate throughout the streets of Manhattan. Once it was turned off, the noise was overwhelming and your voice was no longer the center of attention. Of all the Bluetooth headsets this is by far the best at blocking out excessive noise.

You can find it in on three colours: black, silver and red. It looks rather interesting and it is for sure a style statement. Without a doubt it is the best noise canceling Bluetooth headset out on the market. Now, I know it’s been out there for a while. It’s readily available for $120, but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere for cheaper.

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Game pad and mouse.2 in 1

mouse1.jpgGame pad and mouse.2 in 1

All you gamers out there please pay attention. This “thing” I’m going to present, The Evergreen Navigator 365 really deserves a spot in your laptop bag.

However, as “all good things come to an end” the end is like here, at the description because the mouse is currently only available in Japan. It costs around $30 or so if you’re in the area and with a little luck, some hard work, and some perseverance, might just make it stateside some day so kids like me can buy it without the 14-hour plane ride.

Navigator 365 from Evergreen is a laser mouse cum game pad. You can use the mouse as a standard mouse and when playing games the mouse turns into a game pad. You can use either as a mouse or a game pad at a time. The mouse has the standard left, right and scroll button. The game pad has Turbo/clear and 6 buttons.

Evergreen Navigator 365 laser mouse with 1,600 dpi is compatible with OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista. The mouse measures 50 × 85 × 23mm, weigh 67 g and is available for approximately 3,499 yen ($32).

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